An epic road trip in the land of fire and ice, Iceland!

What’s so (un)real and (other)worldly about Iceland?

Catching ferocious and magnificent waterfalls with beautiful rainbows, walking around bubbling sulphur mud pits and feeling like you are walking on Mars, sitting by the vibrant turquoise craters, watching hot geysirs erupt with all its fury, admiring the beautiful moss covered lava fields, hiking on an ash covered glacier, sailing through the floating icebergs, taking a stroll 400ft down inside a volcano, staying in sheep, cow, house farms, snorkeling in near zero waters between two continents, riding a skidoo at 50kmph on top of a glacier, taking a relaxing dip in geothermal pools, crawling through a secret lava ice cave, catching the best of arctic fauna – whales, reindeer, puffins, seals; driving through landscapes that will take your breath away. hearing the elves and troll stories from the locals (if only we could find them! Iceland has more sheep and horses than people), watching cute little elf cottages in Icelandic houses, visiting a haunted crash site on a black sand beach, discovering hidden off roads and I think I can go on forever. Well, it’s not just surreal – it is indeed a different world altogether! Iceland has it all – Indeed a mini-earth in itself! And despite all its extremities, we actually fell in love with Iceland on day 1 itself!