Pav is a common bread used in Indian street food cooking – most famously used in pav bhaji, dabeli or just as a side snack with a cup of evening tea.

Fresh from the oven – soft and fluffy pav

Followed Hebbar’s kitchen’s recipe of eggless pav that baked out very fluffy and soft ladi pav (a row of pavs or buns), with the following key tweaks/tips to note that we have realised as we prepared our batch today:

  • Milk is an important ingredient so wherever it is being suggested to use, do not miss out and might as well be little generous with the addition
  • We applied milk brush before baking the pav in the oven, alternatively egg brush or butter brush can also be applied for the desired glaze
  • Keep the balls close to each other to create the ladi pav so they can rise up instead of sideways
  • Religiously follow the kneading method suggested in the above recipe
  • Use a damp cotton cloth to cover the pav. Ensure that it is plain otherwise, it will leave marks on the pav
Pav’d up!

Enjoy with your favourite snack! See this recipe up next on how we put it to a tasteful use!


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