Remember that favourite dessert from your childhood summer vacation binges? Celebrating ramadan festivities and craving your bowl of falooda? Or, just tired of a hot summer afternoon and need some chilled company? Cannot go out to your favourite falooda shop to buy one because of lockdown? Why not just make it at home!

Yummylicious falooda kulfi – we bet you want to make it now!

Ingredients (yields 2 big bowls or glasses of falooda):

  • 2 big matka kulfi
  • 4 scoop of vanilla ice cream
  • ½ litre milk
  • 200 gm glass noodles
  • 1 cup overnight soaked chia seeds
  • Rose syrup
  • Fresh fruits of choice
  • Mix roasted dry fruits


  1. Add soaked chia seeds to the bottom of the glass
  2. Pour some rabri milk and add 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream
  3. Add glass noodles and 2 tbsp rose syrup
  4. Add fresh fruits of your choice – we put strawberry
  5. Add another scoop of vanilla ice cream and chopped matka kulfi
  6. Pour 1 tbsp of rose syrup and garnish it with chopped dry fruits

Points to remember:

  • Authentic falooda uses sabja seeds or sweet basil seeds soaked for 45 minutes before use. Don’t forget to drain out the extra water
  • Generally, falooda comprises of sevaiyan but alternatively you can use thai glass noodles or can make falooda noodles* at home
  • Use ½ litre milk and boil it to reduce it to half. Once the milk comes to boil add sugar to make it sweet. It should be like rabri (we will share rabri recipe soon in our rasmalai blog)
  • Also, you can add chopped seasonal fruits like strawberry or mangoes to falooda to enhance the flavors
  • *Falooda Sev Recipe:
    • In a non-stick pan, add ½ cup corn flour, 2 tbsp sugar and 2 ½ cup of water. Cook it well to make a thick paste which will eventually look like Vaseline. Additionally, one can also add 1 tbsp kewda (optional) to this which will enhance its flavor
    • Put this hot mix in the sev mould and freeze it for half an hour by keeping the mould in a big bowl full of cold water and ice cubes


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