Rainbow Smoothie

Happy father’s day to all the daddies, the ones who bring all the colours to our lives – celebrating with these fully fruit-based super healthy rainbow smoothie (our colourful breakfast in a jar this morning!), enjoy this while our cake gets baked in the background!

Here is how we quickly put this colorful breakfast jar together:

Every layer has the fruit for that colour two tbsp of milk and one tbsp of greek yogurt and sugar/maple syrup (if needed in any particular layer, per taste)

  • Violet: 4-5 blackberry (filter the puree to remove the seeds)
  • Indigo: 7-8 blueberry
  • Blue: 3-4 blueberry + half avocado + half banana (and half a drop of blue edible colour, if do not want to use any artificial colours – make natural blue colour with red cabbage blanching)
  • Green: 1 avocado
  • Yellow: 1 small orange, half banana and half mango (banganpalli)
  • Orange: 1 mango alphonso
  • Red: 2 each raspberry, pitted cherry and strawberry

Freeze each layer for 15 min before layering them up, starting with violet at the bottom. Enjoy!


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