Watermelon Mojito

Yet another sunny day, yet another drink! Have you tried watermelon mojito? Tempted to try? Let us make it real quick for you – you will be in for a satisfactory treat to self with this minimal recipe of this refreshing mocktail!


•   Watermelon

•   Mint leaves

•   Powdered sugar

•   Lemon juice

•   Black salt

•   Sprite/ 7Up/ Soda/ Sparkling water


  • Crush the watermelon and let it freeze for some time in the refrigerator, it will be like ice as this will be used as a substitute to ice
  • In a bowl, muddle 2 tbsp lime juice with 4-5 mint leaves. The leaves will extract the juice but ensure that it does not turn black otherwise drink will be bitter
  • Add 1 tbsp of powdered sugar and mix it well
  • In a salt-rimmed glass, add frozen crushed watermelon / watermelon sorbet. Pour 2 tbsp of the mix. Add sprite to it (be mindful of overflowing fizz in case of too much sprite added). In the end, add black salt and give it a stir. Your watermelon mojito is ready to serve!

Note: to make a cocktail mojito out of it, add 40-50ml white rum per glass


  • Salt rimming: Take a lemon and put it on the rim of the glass. In a plate, take some salt. Take the glass and place it in the bowl of salt upside down and that’s how your glass will be ready for serving.
  • Add a lemon wedge along with a cube of watermelon after the drink is poured

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