Malai Kofta

Malai kofta is yet another delicious Indian curry made from the fried dumplings (balls) made out of paneer (cottage cheese) and potato dipped in a rich creamy yet spicy tomato based gravy. Again, the key ingredients for the gravy richness are cashew & almond, for the flavouring is kasoori methi (dry fenugreek leaves) and for the colour (without any artificial red colour added) is the kashmiri red chilli powder or baba red chili powder

Our recipe is adapted from Kabita’s Kitchen (after having tried a few recipes, we just love the consistency of balls and gravy in this one and consider this as our go-to for malai kofta curry). Recipe link here

Best served with crispy lachcha parathas or naan, this is also enjoyed well with rice. The quick way to make these lachcha paratha (a specialty from our kitchen!) is as below:

Take the wheat flour dough ball, flatten it and spread ghee generously on top. Pack into a dough ball again. Roll it lengthwise and then swirl it to make a flattened dough ball. Now roll into a paratha gently (don’t over press) and you can see layers oozing out. Cook it on low flame on both sides and add butter/ghee generously on each side. Serve hot and crisp with malai kofta, onion rings and dips/pickle of your choice!


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