Shahi Tukda or Double ka Meetha (Traditional Style Bread Pudding)

How about some hyderabadi special dessert this Eid/Id/Hari raya – with a crunchy touch, saffrony flavour, juicy sweetness; in short all things royal! With its origins from Mughlai kitchen, it became super popular in Hyderabad and especially in the month of Ramadan. It’s a very easy dessert made by dunking the sugar-syrup coated deep fried bread in the rabri / condensed milk with saffron and dry fruits.

Loved by kids and adults alike – Double ka meetha!


Bread toast/tukda/Double roti

Deep fry the bread pieces cut half diagonally. Upon cooling, dunk them in sugar syrup (per desired sweetness and consistency) and take out after 5-6 sec of dipping.


Check out our rabri recipe here (from the rasmalai recipe). Garnish with chopped dry fruits of choice and chill for sometime.

Finally to make this dessert, place bread toast and pour rabri on top and serve immediately. Enjoy! Happy Eid / Selamat Hari Raya


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