Dal Baati

Dal baati platter – can any feast get bigger than this?

..not sure what we could credit this rajasthani dal baati platter to, but definitely there were many forces coming together to throw this feast upon us! Ganesh chaturthi, weekend binge, foodie in us, nostalgia of summer fun trips at nakhrali dhani & chokhi dhani, or just wanting to have a great siesta on a Sunday afternoon.. Sharing (literally) this feast to ring in the festivities for second half of this year! While in the frame are dal, baati, gujarati aloo, rice, laddoo, salad, green chutney, pickle, lemon and chaach (butter milk), we will share the recipe of baati specifically. Do ping us if you like to know any other recipe from the above platter!


  • 2 cups of wheat flour/atta
  • 1/2 cup sooji
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp ajwaain
  • Oil (to mix in dry flour till the flour starts holding up together as a ball)
  • Curd / buttermilk (used for kneading as per needed, this makes baati soft)


  • Mix all the dry ingredients and pour a few tsp of oil in it till the mix starts holding up loosely as a ball when you fist it up
  • Add curd/buttermilk to knead and keep the dough thicker than chapati dough
  • Tell the dough rest for 15-20 min
  • Make small oval shaped balls (around 8-9 from the above quantity)
  • Get the baking stuff ready:
    • If making in the gas tandoor (we prefer this for baati): preheat on the gas on medium flame for 5-7 min and then place baatis on it. Cook on low – medium flame for 10 min and then flip to cook for a similar time on the other sid . Adjust timing as per your tandoor.
    • If making in the electric oven: preheat the oven for 7-8 min. Bake baatis at 180deg celsius for 7-8 min and flip for baking the other side
  • Once baatis are cooked, dip them in ghee immediately and generously (proof of good crispy yet soft baatis lies also in how well they get dipped in ghee, besides how well the dough is kneaded!)
  • Serve them hot with dal, made per your liking! Do not forget to add all the enhancers like salad, chutney, pickle, lemon etc. !!


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