Instant Breakfast Bowl

You think of it and this bowl has it all! Made using @Amazingraze’s “Goodness in a Bowl” pink-berry oatmeal, this healthy start to your day takes exactly 2 minutes to get ready. So when you are pressed for time or haven’t sorted out your breakfast ideas, this will be super handy. Here’s how:


  • Take 40 gm (1 sachet of oat-based meal from @amazingraze’s goodness in a bowl (pink berry)) in a microwave safe bowl and pour 80 ml (around 1/3 cup) cold milk in it. If you have time on hand, you can also soak it overnight in a closed jar in water or cold milk
  • Put the bowl in the microwave for 90 sec
  • Stir well to get the creamy texture of the breakfast bowl
  • Add fruits of choice – we chose kiwi, apple, blueberry to perfectly complement the ingredients of the oat-based meal sachet that already has dried cranberry and goji berry
  • For additional crunch, sprinkle your favourite granola bite on top just before eating like we did – @amazingraze’s chocolate hazelnut granola bites



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