Tiramisu needs absolutely no introduction – a classic evergreen italian dessert made out of espresso-dipped ladyfinger biscuits and layered with a light and airy-textured mascarpone cream. We just didn’t want to meddle with the most classic way it is made and hence referred to the most trusted recipe and believe us, it indeed is just the best tiramisu recipe ever. Yes, we took this recipe from Sally’s baking addiction which indeed is just the best. Check out the recipe here:

The only tweak we made was to take 3 eggs (instead of 4 eggs that she takes) and made both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions of it.

The secret tip to having the most awesome tiramisu is to let it refrigerate for at at least 15-20 hours for all the flavours to blend in well.

Enjoy this bite from us, as we move onward and upward on Instagram and celebrate our 2000+ followers! 🙂


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