Orange Cinnamon Tea

In the era of mulled wine, be a cup of hot orange cinnamon tea! A perfect soothing herbal tea that’s loaded with flavours and tastes that you like the most and made super quick without any added effort to cut fruits or steep cinnamon. In less than two minutes!

Thank you @ollie_oils for sending us the super amazing, 100% pure essential oils with multiple uses. As Ollie says “I’m Ollie; no chemicals, no drama, no fuss, no frou frou. Just pure, natural oils. The way Mama Earth made it, the way I like it.” We absolutely love their forever flavours – sweet orange and ceylon cinnamon bark.

If you are wondering what other delicious and flavorful experiments you can do with this essential oil, you can make  cakes, cookies, crackers or add your glazes and marinades. For non-food uses, go for using as a diffuser (it’s most common and most amazing use) or hand soap or massaging, among many of its other uses.

Check out how we made this soothing cup of orange cinnamon tea with their essential oils!


  • Ollie sweet orange essential oil
  • Ollie ceylon cinnamon bark essential oil
  • Honey
  • Black salt
  • Green tea
  • Hot water


  • In a cup of boiling hot water, add the green tea bag, 3 drops of orange oil and a drop of cinnamon oil, 1 tbsp honey and a dash of black salt
  • Garnish as you like with mint leaves, orange slices or peel and cinnamon stick
  • Serve hot or if you like it cold, this will even taste better when the flavours mix well!

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