Vegeterian Burrata Recipe

Burrata is one of the favourite orders in Italian restaurants around the globe and we couldn’t resist ourselves too for trying our hands on this creamy fresh cheese! What’s the outcome of this trial – we have landed on a super easy and delicious appetiser for many hostings to come!

Burrata served with pesto and roasted cherry tomato

• 8-10 cherry tomato
• 3 tbsp olive oil
• Salt, to taste
• Black pepper
• Oregano
• Chilli flakes
• 1 burrata ball
• 4 tbsp pesto
• 3 tbsp roasted pine nuts
• 4-5 mint leaves

Burrata with olive oil roasted cherry tomato and pine nuts


  1. Pre heat the oven at 180 degrees of 10 minutes
  2. In an oven safe tray place the cherry tomatoes, drizzle olive oil and dry ingredients. Toss it well and roast it for 20-25 minutes
  3. In a plate put some pesto, place the burrata ball at the top. Put the roasted cherry tomatoes at the top with some mint leaves and pine nuts
  4. Your tasty burrata is ready!
Creamy cheese full of flavours

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