Fresh Fruit Yogurt Salad With Cheese Topping

Break&Binge is officially one today – 245 posts, 365 days, a family of nearly 5,000 of you and most importantly your immense love, support and feedback has brought us till here. From one lockdown to another (we wish, this didn’t remain constant), we have come a long way while learning (and still continue to) various aspects of blogging from you all.

We started with our love for pastel and pepper, touching various aspects of lifestyle like food, art, travel, events etc. and as we tread on this path over the last year, food and lifestyle have become our and your areas of common liking. We will continue to experiment with these areas as we move on, while adding zing through art and travel as well.

Reflecting on the last year at Break&Binge:

  • 1 cook-off (Zee APAC), to
  • 4 IG recipe sharing lives, to
  • 5 episodes of Bits&Bites with Break&Binge showcasing various artists, to
  • 8 episodes of Singapore Diaries with Break&Binge, to
  • IG lives with many great artists we found on this platform
  • Art sharing through paining, sketching, manadala art
  • Giveaways of self created mandala coasters, fresh produce, cheeseboard, kombucha etc.
  • 70+ brand partners, to
  • 180+ vegetarian/vegan food recipes of all types published on our blog (loved recipes, fusion food, mom’s recipes, our experiments, vegan recipes, healthy lifestyle recipes)

Celebrating this super special milestone of #oneyearanniversary with this newly created (read experimented) recipe at Break&Binge, that will delight you as much as it did to us.

Sharing our experimented and now tested recipe in the link in bio!

The fresh fruit yogurt salad has purely been an experiment in pursuit of making a fresh fruit creamy salad but without cream and one that has now turned out into a great appetizer for many hosting in future. Addition of cheese on top is a clear winner in this – many of us make fruit cream in various ways but that layer of cheese and nuts can take it a long way in terms of delight factor.

Sharing our experimented and now tested recipe below!


  • Medium sized cubes of fruits of choice (combination of crunchy, sweet, soft, savoury fruits will be great!)
  • 6 tbsp yogurt (less watery)
  • 2 tbsp mayonnaise
  • 1.5 tbsp milkmaid / condensed milk (adjust as needed)
  • Grated cheddar cheese
  • Vertically sliced nuts – cashewnut, almond
  • For garnish – mint leaves and vertically chopped strawberry slices


  • Whisk well yogurt, mayonnaise and milkmaid together until smooth. Do not overbeat
  • Add chopped fruits and mix well
  • Let it refrigerate for an hour at least
  • Serve cold after sprinkling grated cheddar cheese, nuts and then garnish with mint and strawberry slices

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