Vegetarian /Vegan Satay with Peanut Sauce

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Satay peanut sauce

·      1 cup peanut

·      Oil

·      4-5 garlic cloves

·      1 big red chili padi (thick red chili fresh)

·      2 candle nut or Indian walnut

·      1 tbsp thai ginger

·      3 tbsp brown sugar / equivalent gula melaka (better to use it if you can find)

·      100 ml coconut milk

·      2-3 tbsp water

·      Salt to taste


·      10-15 cubes of firm tofu

·      1 cup capsicum cubed (different colours)

·      1 cup button mushroom sliced

Satay marinade:

·      3 tbsp peanut sauce from above

·      1 tsp red chili powder

·      1 tsp garam masala

·      1 tsp turmeric

·      ½ tsp Kashmiri red chili powder

·      1-1.5 tbsp soy sauce

·      1 tsp sweet soy sauce


Peanut sauce:

·      In a pan, fry peanuts in oil and blend them to a powder upon cooling and keep aside

·      Saute big red chili padi and garlic for a minute on low flame. Blend upon cooling to a paste and add candle nut while blending

·      Now mix the powdered peanut and this paste in pan with 1 tbsp oil (on low flame) together and add brown sugar/gula melaka, water (2-3 spoon) and coconut milk. The paste should become smooth. Add salt to it as well and pour in a bowl after it comes to a good boil (test of which is a layer of oil starts to separate, coming from peanut)


·      In a bowl, mix all the ingredients under the marinade list and keep the marinade ready

·      Dip all the ingredients in the marinade well


·      In a wooden skewer, skewer mushroom, tofu and capsicum

·      Put the ninja foodi grill on with the settings – temperature at 240 and time at 2 minutes. It will first pre heat for some time, when the “add food” prompt comes, put the ready skewers next to each other (4 at a time)

·      Baste the skewers after 2 min is over after opening the lid and flip them over for another 2 minutes

·      Satay is ready when the meter prompts end! Serve hot with peanut sauce and garnished with salad slices as shown

·      Enjoy!


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