Sunrise Mocktail

Let’s begin on a yet another refreshing note, with this 100% fresh fruit based sunrise mocktail! (yes we do not use any grenadine syrup)

Enjoy this drink that’s not only a treat to eyes but to yourself – super yum! Here is how we made this yummylicious drink: (yields for four)

• 3 cups of watermelon
• 2 mangoes pureed (we used alphonsos)
• Half a pineapple for juice
• Pinacolada (a drink of pineapple and coconut milk) – recipe coming soon!

Crush watermelon and freeze it for an hour or two.
Salt rim the glass.
Place 2 tsp of crushed watermelon at the bottom of the glass.
Add 2 tsp of mango puree (on the thick side) on top gently.
Add 2 tsp of pineapple juice (make pineapple juice with pineapple, water, sugar, black salt generously).
Add 2 tsp of pinacolada (our recipe coming out soon!).
Garnish it with some fresh fruits (we used berries complementary). Enjoy!

Note: to make a cocktail version of the same, use tequila for the bottom two layers and white rum in pinacolada


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