Refreshing Detox Water

We have been hosting many house parties and sometimes a few too many in a single day. Despite, we love to do everything that we would ideally do in a single party with all the effort, jazz and quality. So we had to think of ways to be quick and yet come up with the best output. One such part of our menu was having refreshing detox water at the very beginning for our guests, as they arrive from the heat outside especially in this hot and humid #singapore weather!

Thank you for gifting us these super useful silicone ice cube trays that have helped us create our glass of refreshing detox water and other wonders for our parties – from chocolates to jellies to cocktail fruit cubes and many more that we continue to experiment! All of this in just one pop!

Happy hosting to you all for your Diwali parties! We will be sharing more of such fancy and quick tips from our kitchen!

• 6-7 raspberries
• 4-5 strawberries
• 15-20 small mint leaves
• Lemon juice
• Orange juice
• Basil leaves (optional)
• Silicone ice cube tray (we used the one by Zahoudian SG)

• Chop raspberry, strawberry, cucumber in small chunks
• Take the ice cube tray and put a few chunks each of raspberry, strawberry and cucumber in each cube
• Put two mint leaves in each and a drop of lemon juice & a few drops of orange juice
• Optionally, put small pieces of basil leaves if you like as well
• Fill the rest of each cube with water
• Cover with lid and let it freeze
• Just when you want to serve, pop out two frozen cubes for each glass of water and serve immediately this refreshing detox water!


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